When we meet

When you call me, we will arrange a time to meet. We will get to know each other and see if we are a good fit for each other… call it ‘celebrant dating’.

If we decide to go ahead, then we will set up a time to start the formal process. (Remember, an important part of the process has to be done at least a month out – so don’t leave it till the last minute) .

To help you prepare for our initial formal meeting, there are certain requirements and considerations that I have outlined below. If there are things on this list that you don’t have yet we can discuss time frames when we get together.

Each item will be discussed in detail, so take your time to collect any items that are applicable, including any information and ideas.

Things you will both need to bring:

☼ An original Birth Certificate

☼ Photo ID (eg. valid passport or drivers licence)

☼ Evidence of termination of any previous marriage(s) (eg. death, divorce or nullity)

☼ Consent and Court Approval (if under 18 years of age)

Things you will need to know:

☼ Date(s) of previous marriage(s)

☼ Termination Date(s) of previous marriage(s)

☼ Birth dates of any children from previous marriages

☼ Your parent’s birth place

☼ Your mother’s maiden name

Personal questions I will have to ask you about:

☼ Are you both over the age of 18 years?

o If one of you is under 18, do you have consent from a guardian?

o If one of you is under 18, do you have court approval?

☼ Are you related in any way? (eg. Brother, sister, father, mother)

☼ Have you been married previously?

☼ if yes, how was your last marriage terminated?

☼ Do you have supporting evidence regarding any said marriage terminations?

☼ Do you have any children from your previous marriage?

☼ Were you born in Australia?

I will have to give you:

☼ A copy of ‘Happily Ever Before & After’ (advice on relationships and relationship education)

Things for you to think about….

☼ Will someone walk the bride down the isle?  If so, who? (eg. Father, Mother, brother, sister, uncle, guardian etc.)

☼ Will your ceremony be indoors or outdoors?

☼ If your planning a park ceremony, have you contacted the appropriate council for permits?

☼ Do you have a wet weather or hot weather plan?

☼ Have you considered ceremony access for any disabled guests?

☼ Do you want a ‘Welcome or Acknowledgment to Country’ as part of your ceremony

☼ Do you want a ‘statement about marriage equality in your ceremony?

☼ What type of readings will you select? Who will read them?

☼ How will the readings be provided and sourced?

☼ What type of music will you select?

☼ How will the music be provided?

☼ What type of vows do you want?

☼ Are you exchanging rings and who will have the rings?

☼ Are you including any rituals, customs or traditions

☼ Who will witness your signature(s) on your marriage certificate (2 people are required, and must be over 18 years of age)

You can download a PDF of this initial meeting information if you like.