To change your name or not?

Do same sex couples who have a Civil Partnership Ceremony generally change their names? It’s a good question. Like everything else, Name-Change (1)people are going to do what suits them. But in my experience, older couples / couples who have been together for a long time are most likely to keep their original last names. Same-sex couples who are younger are more inclined to changing their names – but its a very individual choice. 

I’ve seen hyphenated last names; non-hyphenated; one partner take the others’ last name; and sometimes couples make up entirely new versions of their names. I love it when couples invent entirely new names, some of which were not remotely similar to either of the old names.  That’s kind of fun – as they begin a new life together, they do so with a new name.




Old names: Caulfield and Stansberry
New last name:  Stansfield (merging Caulfield and Stansberry)

Old names:  Rush and Wood
New name:  Rushwood


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