A Beautiful Bali Wedding?

Have you fantasised about having your wedding in an exotic overseas location? 

Ever thought of having your special day in Bali, by the beach on a balmy afternoon? Is it leagal? would your wedding be recognised here?

Providing the required documentation for marriage and the prescribed fee have been lodged with and approved by the Australian Consulate in Denpasar prior to the Bali wedding ceremony taking place, then the ensuing marriage ceremony would be recognised as legal in Australia.

Therefore a further wedding ceremony in Australia would not be permitted but a Renewal of Vows Ceremony (which has no legal implications) could be suggested to satisfy family and friends who were not present at the ceremony in Bali. The Renewal of Vows Ceremony could echo the vows stated in the Bali wedding but the Celebrant would make it clear that they were not performing a legal wedding ceremony.

For couples considering marrying in Bali it is recommend they engage the services of either a reputable ‘wedding co-ordinator’ resident in Bali or the ‘ wedding functions officer’ at one the many large hotels that provide Bali wedding packages. These professional wedding organizers know the documentation that is required by the Australian Government and will organise appointments for the couple to visit the Australian Consulate in Denpasar prior to the marriage to ensure everything is in order for the marriage to proceed and to be legally recognised.

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