Spiral Wedding Day Aisle

Do you dread the idea of walking straight down the aisle?

How about a circle and skip the straight aisle?

I do heaps of work with people sitting in circle – it’s such a beautiful way to have people connect with each other and feel part of something. Doing your wedding in the round is beautifully symbolic and a nice way to avoid the hierarchy of rows of seats, and changes the way you “walk own the aisle”.

Heaps of couples are opting for circle seating and entering via the side, some even spiralling their way to the altar. Alternatively, you could have your guests sit in a circle, with your celebrant in the centre. Your celebrant introduces the two of you and your families. Then, you and your partner enter from opposite sides of the circle, each of you walking between your parents. Walk towards each other, from opposite side and meet each other in the centre of the circle. I’ve gathered together some beautiful examples below to give you some ideas.

Circle (6)  Circle (5)  Circle (11) Circle (10) Circle (4)

Circle (2)  Circle (1)    Circle (7)

Circle (9) Circle (8)

I’ve also made a fun Pinterest board chock full of ideas for sitting in circle and still looking awesome (and you can also see  credits for the above images) – check it out here.


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