To confetti or not to confetti?

Nothing says a party like a little confetti

…but nowadays couples often want something a little different at their wedding ceremony.

At their heart weddings are a lot of fun, a great party to celebrate your love story. One of the prettiest moments is waving off the ceremony. Confetti often gets forgotten in the planning, or passed over as old-fashioned and passe, but nothing could be further from the truth – confetti has had a renaissance in the last couple of years and aside from the paper variety, a huge number of alternatives to confetti have appeared on the scene. So this morning we want to inspire you, so I’ve come up with a few alternatives to traditional rice or paper confetti, perfect ways to guests involved in making your grand exit as memorable as possible.


A simple twist on traditional confetti, a bit of glitter. How about throwing a little bit of glitter and sparkle with cute foil stars? There’s also a brilliant little tutorial to show you how to recreate the cute pouch for holding the confetti. The pretty glitter filled heart idea from Elizabeth Kartchner also features a DIY so you too can create your own!



Bring out your inner child by having your guests blow bubbles upon your exit. (image via Johnny Fenn)


Tinkling Bells

Probably the cutest of all the confetti alternatives, imagine the chimes of tiny tinkling bells to ring in the newly weds…Image captured by Beaux Arts Photographie.

Confetti-Alternatives-Bells (1)


Not only eco friendly, but wildlife friendly, congratulate the love birds by tossing bird seed. Pop your seeds in a cute little pouch like the one above from Wood and Grain on Etsy or the cute Toss Me version from Emmaline Bride photographed by Kristina Hill Photography.

Confetti-Alternatives-Birdseed2 (1)


Feathers float beautifully over the happy couple a they exit making the perfect photo opportunity.

feather bag feathers as an alternative to confetti

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