Your big day

Have you been dreaming abut this day? Have you been planning every aspect of your day? Let me help guide you through the process and create the ceremony you’ve always wanted.

Here’s the thing – you can have your day any way you want. You can make it traditional or makeup something entirely new.

During the ceremony, I have to say this:

I am duly authorised by law to solemnise marriages according to law. Before you are joined in marriage in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses, I am to remind you of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship into which you are now about to enter. Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.

And there are a few other words that you guys have to say, but other than that – it can be however you like. So, you get to make your ceremony exactly as you like.

You can do it naked, covered in chocolate cake, or skydiving if you like. Whatever it is, give it your style, make it meaningful to you.

My job, as your celebrant, is to guide you and work with you. I will use my creativity, my skills and knowledge and of course my awesome delivery skills to create a ceremony that is heartfelt, memorable and has meaning to you. I am not bound by any rules, religions, or traditions that can dictate how you celebrate your day. We are free to make your day uniquely yours.